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Helping Hands International Business Exclusive Compensation Plan


We certainly have produced an unbeatable compensation plan which is a complete departure from the usual kind of compensation plan. In the Helping Hands International Business, we have developed the best quality things about the 2 x 2 forced matrix and incorporated it with the very best of 2 x 5 forced matrix to create the most effective and fastest income creator. The huge benefits are brought to you while you progress up our structure of development. We now have 5 levels, namely:

  • The Associate
  • Master
  • Super Master
  • Minister
  • Prime Minister.

It’s developed so that your entire job here is simply to recommend and refer just 2 people and encourage them to do the very same, creating duplication along the way. As soon as this is accomplished, you recoup your original $40 one time financial investment. Even more importantly, by accomplishing this, in addition, you create an endless cash flow generating system designed to continue to keep sending money into your bank account whether you’re active or not for years.

Our system even offers spill over and spill under features.

You will get 10% matching bonus every time a direct down line member of yours fills his matrix and proceeds to a different level. I am really confident you are going to love it!

We provide you with the opportunity to earn bonuses such as cars, spectacular vacation trips around the entire world, a housing fund, an educational fund for the children, Interest free lending options and the chance to inspire those you love by way of our “Empowerment for the less Privileged program” amid various other features.

For sure, the helping hands business really is mind blowing! It’s a solid, simple strategy that ensures that everybody, even you, can become wealthy in no time if a little effort is carried out. To sum up our very lucrative plan provides you with more than 12 means of earning to further improve your way of life and that of your family.

This consists of;


  • Referral Bonus(20%)
  • Matrix Bonus($10-$80000)
  • Matching Bonus($100-$600)
  • Annual infinity Bonus ($5000)
  • Educational fund($2000)
  • Cars (First car – Small Hyundai; Second car – Hyundai Jeep)
  • Totally free International exotic vacation
  • Housing fund($40,000)
  • Interest free Loan(as much as $44,000)
  • Empowerment for two less privileged people who are nominated by you.
  • A replicated hitech website with full back office system to deal with your business in real time.
  • Promotional Rewards

Helping Hands Business opportunity the entire world has been waiting for!

A business opportunity that’s genuinely global and developed with member’s interest at heart is the thing that we’re giving you!

I hope you can see that a helping hands business is not only a money making enterprise, but a humanitarian project secured by administrators with all the heart and soul for people. Our initial objective is always to encourage the less privileged and this will in no way change! This really is a long-term venture and very different from other business that is online.

The Individuality Of The helping Hands Business Is Based On The Reality That We Provide.

Which is:

  • Regular cash flow compared with various other matrix programs in which you only earn when you circle.
  • Inexpensive and lucrative business strategy. Just $40 one-time cost and you are ready to go!
  • An internet business which has a visible face managed by humanitarians.

Our Empowerment solution is the very best. It really is people focused, built to support and touch the lives of people who are around you.

Helping Hands International is supported by global Donors, Conglomerates and Government agencies all over the world who have confidence in our mission. This surely means you can be confident with having a Helping Hands Business.

be empowed

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